Packing away Christmas,

digging out fresh, white sheets,

dreaming away just a little. 


Joulu lähes pyyhkäisty näistä huoneista,

puhtaan karheat lakanat,

unelman tynkiä. 

"The unwritten chapters

are the most thrilling. 

The dull ache,

the yearning,

for all that is to come."


Anci said...

The most loving and wonderful pictures and a good feeling that I always get here. Thanks !!
And of course I want to wish you a great and fantastic 2015.


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Anci, you just put a lump in my throat.
I want to wish you a wonderful New Year, too
- one that sees wishes coming true
and a peaceful feeling under one's skin.

Doina Manea said...

A wonderful, magic new year for you and your lovely family. I must say that there is always something magic in your blog that draws me in!

Leena said...

Ihana, taianomainen tunnelma kuvissasi 💙

stina sæm said...

Your photos and words are just magical. it is a good feeling to come in here and enjoy the magic with you.
Thank you for last year and it will be a pleasure to follow you in to 2015.
happy new year
hugs Stína

Carola said...

love the pics! LOVE!!!

Tuire said...

Kauniita kuvia! Me vielä sinnitellään kuusien kanssa, pojat eivät malta luopua. :) Onnellista uutta vuotta teidän perheelle!

Hildi said...

May your 2015 be filled with precious moment and wonderful pictures.

Berenice Big ! said...

Chut, silence ! Beautiful photos ! Thanks for your great blog ! Bonne année 2015 !

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I love that you say that Doina
~ thank you from my heart.
May it be a year
filled with delight ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos kumpuaa Leena! ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Your words make me so glad Stina!
And its such a pleasure to keep the blog
living and breathing
with people like you around.
A wonderful New Year to you, too! ⭐

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Sending lots of love
right back at you ♥♥♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Meillä alkoi kuusi olla reissuiltamme palattua
niin heikossa hapessa,
ettei ollut muuta vaihtoehtoa kuin heivata menemään :)
Samalla tuli kotiin taas mukavan puhdas ja avara olo.
Oikein hyvää alkanutta vuotta sulle ja perheelle! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks Hildi so much
for such a lovely wish...
Same to you,
every good thing for 2015 ♥

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Merci beaucoup Berenice ♥
Bonne année à toi aussi!

michele said...

the dull ache. the yearning. oh yes. i have found your ethereal post at just the right moment. am packing away christmas and feeling the melancholy feelings creep in. and this even though i am leaving for the tropics in just days. a pocket of quiet is what i need, away from all that would overwhelm. peace to you, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year my dear Rebecca! May all of your wishes and dreams come true in 2015! I love your blog, its full of magic and poetry!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I think there's always that bittersweet sentiment
at the break of something new,
as good and exciting as that can be,
as it's also about having to also part with what's been...
No black and whites in this life baby :)
But what a way to begin the New Year,
setting off for the tropics
- lap up the sun and may it stay with you through the year, xx

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you Maria so much for your heartfelt words
- magic and poetry, ahh...
Wishing you a 2015 full of promise, x

Anonymous said...

Thank you sweetie, all the best to you <3