Some low-light snaps 

from Father's Day weekend gone by.

Friends round for roast lamb

followed by pavlova, a walk around the bay

 and a glass of port.

Darkness descends so early now,

it's not even five, as I write this,

but it looks like the midnight hour.

Hands busy with things I love to do,

taking the edge off any season,

but there's definitely a subdued quality

to these days and weeks. 

Last week I took a friend to the studio

- now there's a form of light therapy

that ignites with plenty of energy. 

Two hours of pure fun, 

and a pleasure to focus 

on someone you love so much

in all her charisma and 

total lack of feeling self-conscious. 

That's one quality of photography

that fills me with a buzz

- the privilege of people.


Liivia said...

Ihana kakku! Mihinkähän vanhaan postiin onnistuin kommentoimaan savuteestä...luulin laittaneeni sen tähän.

Seawashed said...

Loveliness. xxo

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos Liivia, sinne se savuteekommentti sujahti savuteejutun alle :)
Aika harvoin tulee muuten nykyään kakkuja leivottua.
Marenkia on kyllä mukavaa tehdä itse, vaikka aikamoisen makea pläjäys onkin.
Tuota kyllä sitruunarahka vähän raikasti :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you Ms Loveliness yourself ♥