Inside "lemons from Italy, Bergamot 
and Scented Geranium all invade the air. 
Suddenly it's the calm after the storm. 
A delicious, warm, sweet and slightly powdery mist 
rises from the cobblestones..." 

(yup, you can smell those fragrant Astier de Villatte goodies
just by reading the descriptions 
and throwing in a drop of imagination 
 for good measure). 

And outside, after climbing to the balcony 
between the seventh and eighth floors,
filling one's lungs
with the warm, milky air of the night,
the city all hushed below,
suddenly disguised into a dreamworld. 

And there we have it,
- a passing, soft waft
of those perfect August nights
that I idolise throughout the year...
even though it's officially September.


Seawashed said...


Bien chiné said...

Hard start of september for me, Rebecca. Read and see one of your post is a always a little magical moment. I often imagin the smell of the images. And now, mmm I can smell it.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

♡ ! Have a sweet weekend, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Sorry it's been a hard start, Nines dear...
And hope things mellow down quickly ♡.
Recently I've been consciously trying to focus more
on fragrance and the feelings and memories they evoke...
I think the sense of smell often gets ignored too much.
Wonderful that you can imagine the smells... x

Bien chiné said...
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Bien chiné said...

I love Diptyque and Astier de Villatte, and last year in France, I discover Byredo and I remembered have seen many times in your blog ( I'm fall in love with sunday cologne) So...Yes, I can and I want imagin.
Kisses Rebeca