I threw some almond milk and spices in the blender

for a smooth start to the weekend. 

( Perhaps no Agave syrup next time,

succulent but a little sweet... )

The summer seems to be endless this year

and I sure ain't complaining. 

Have a lovely August weekend,

wherever you may be!



Heitin perjantai-illan kunniaksi tehosekoittimeen 

mantelimaitoa, banaanin, 

lorauksen Agave-siirappia,

ripauksen kardemummaa, kanelia ja vaniljaa 

(ensi kerralla jää tosin siirappi pois,

himpun turhan makeaksi veti).

Kesä se vain jatkuu ja jatkuu, ihanaa... 

Leppoisaa elokuun viikonloppua itse kullekin! 



Anci said...

It both sounds and looks good ! You have the most sensitive colors in your photos. I love that !!


Bien chiné said...

Love your smoothie shooting...
Nice weekend to you too!!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks Anci darling!
It did taste yummy,
a combo I'd never tried before.
I used shop-bought almond milk in this one,
but decided to make my own next time. x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you lovely Nines!
We've had an incredibly hot summer,
the heat lingering on each day,
so it's somehow so easy to relax and unwind.
Haven't spent much time indoors this weekend :)

Amanda said...

it sounds so utterly delicious! Your photos are so dream-like and beautiful.