If red is a little challenging,

faded browns are like a trusty pair of worn shoes. 


Seawashed said...

Browns are always comforting too. Beautiful. xxo

Unknown said...

Dear Rebbeca,

This is absolutely DIVINE!!
This wonderful selection of those gorgeous places in this one of the most amazing cities in the world!!!
Absolutely stunning, you have made my day…not only because of the pictures, but most importantly I live here!
(For many years,….)
Seeing your perspective on my “everyday” places and presenting them in the most fabulous way!
It’s a really beautiful thing to do….THANK YOU!
Are you still here by the way?

You most welcome to visit me @ my Dom (polish for Home) with Love…


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Browns are so comforting.
Especially when old and worn and with a jumble of textures.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Dear Anna,
you left me almost speechless - thank you ♡ !
Lucky you to get to call London home!
The longest stretch I've spent there is two years,
and I remember that luxurious feeling
that for once I could savour one place at a time
without any rush in the world.
Of course I only managed to scrape the surface,
there's just so much to explore...
A whole world of its own.
I feel so touched by your offer!
Unfortunately it was only a flying visit this time,
and I'm back home again now.
Hopefully not too long until the next time
and with more time to play with.
Have a beautiful London summer Anna, x


I have recently discovered your site and have started reading from the beginning. Would you kindly tell me which font you are using at the moment. I adore it.
Born and raised in England and now living in Canada, so your London shots are so special for me to enjoy.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

It was so lovely to hear from you, so glad you found me!
The font I'm currently using is Josefin Slab,
it's a ready option on the blogger template,
so an easy one to find.