We walked and we walked,

past smart white villas with shiny black roofs,

and through neighbourhoods with a cosmopolitan feel.

We revived our legs and feasted our senses 

at Kolonihagen&MinaMilanda

(recommended by colleagues and friendly faces on instagram alike, 

thank you, a true highlight!)

Another mood at evening time.

After seeing The Grand Budapest Hotel

(for the second time,

just to catch up with the visual fireworks 

that shoot across the screen),

we accidentally stumbled upon 

the cosiest little place for a glass of red -

 a tiny jazz record shop cum bar

tucked away at the back of a courtyard.

Thanks for tagging along,


Sterndal said...

Wow...these are gorgeous pictures!
♥ Brigitte ♥

Nalle said...

Voi noita taloja, ihana kävelyretki.

Unknown said...

Stunning pictures. I'm lucky to have a friend living just around the corner from Kolonihagen, happy you got to experience it.

Bien chiné said...

What a wonderful walk...I love that charming shop with that wonderful backyard. Love the neon letters...and all this under the objetive of your camera is even better...

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

A big, whopping thank you :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Ihan parasta on kyllä rauhassa kävellä ja tutkailla,
antaa fiiliksen johdatella itselle uudessa paikassa.
Sää oli suotuisa eikä lapsia mukana,
niin mikään ei menoa hidastanut :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Lucky you! I really liked the whole area around Kolonihagen.
There was also a secondhand market on in one of the little parks nearby
with plenty of treasures,
but unfortunately we didn't happen to have any cash with us...

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

That place was such an oasis!
I already started envisioning a new life
having a similar haven closer to home...
In my dreams :)

Ann Kåge said...

Lovely pictures from beautiful Norway.
Kindest regards

Anci said...

So many wonderful photos !


Lexi said...

These pictures are beautiful!
xx Lexi, Glitter, Inc.