The Line Apartment

The Line is a dream concept

of selling refined, carefully chosen objects

against the backdrop of a super-stylish New York pad. 

Happy Saturday! 

All images: The Line
houseno44 said...

So beautiful
Its a Dream Apartment <3



Anonymous said...

aika harvoin kuvat kodeista saavat minussa aikaan mitään sen kummempaa, mutta tämäpä sai! näen tuolla itseni nimittäin, pystyn kuvia katsomalla tuntemaan millaista asunnossa olisi. viihtyisin tuolla.

Bien chiné said...

Like a dream!! I love the new look of the blog header ;-) Happy weekend!! said...

A lovely dining room on the penultimate picture, and these chandeliers perfectly blend into a whole.

honeypieLivingetc said...

oh. good god..
what a find ..!
love the line.
and see they
are also thinking
’context’ .. a word
in the air now.
and truly inspiring.

as are you.

x, h

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

The most perrrrfect New York pad!
Lots of love, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Jotenkin minäkin Kati näen tässä sinua…
Pääsisipä joskus vielä New Yorkissa käymään,
mun vuosikausien haave.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

It is, the dream NY place!
Thanks for the header comment,
it will do for now -
sometimes I wish I was more technically gifted :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Looks like a great place to have dinner with friends… !

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Where may we find a rug like this?

Admiral Baysuites said...

Beautiful! Simple yet looks elegant! Perfect Home.:)

Unknown said...

Beautifully Decorated dining room , i like it. I also thinking i am changing my decoration in dothan apartments according your ideas .

Unknown said...

Wow such a beautiful decorated to home. i also decorate my apartment according to your idea, thanks for sharing great information.

Unknown said...

Wow this is an amazing article. I loved it.I also like the pictures taht you have shared, you describe all the beauty in it. Thank you for sharing this.