A postcard from Porvoo

I think my daughter and I drew the longer straw, 
as we jumped on the bus to Porvoo
leaving the boys behind to get on with the painting in the hallway.
Lunch, a browse through whichever little shops happened to be open on Ascension Day, 
coffee, basking in the sunshine
& goodies to take home. 


Anajá Schmitz said...

Uma linda casa que trouxe boas lembranças.
Tenha uma ótima semana.

Liivia said...

Todella kaunis tapetti tuossa yhdessa eteisessä, tuo harmaasävyinen!
Porvoo on varmasti keväällä kauneimmillaan.

Tiina A said...

Nostalgisia kuvia! Olen opiskellut aikoinaan Porvoossa - joka arkipäivä Helsingistä bussilla Porvooseen.

Terveiset Costa del Solilta!

Cindy said...

Ahhhh, the shade of blue in that first photo is heavenly. beautiful images!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you so much, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oli kyllä kaunista ja leppoisaa pikkukaupungin tunnelmaa
- tuo tapetti on kyllä ihanaa, olisipa pitänyt muuten kysäistä mitä se mahtaa olla...

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Mieleenpainuvaa aikaa ihan varmasti!
Olen monta kertaa leikitellyt ajatuksella Porvooseen muutosta,
aikoinaan aika voimakkaastikin,
vaan noihin työmatkoihinhan se silloin ainakin tyssäsi.
Kaikkea hyvää sinne auringon alle!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I really love the different soft pastels in these old wooden towns
the interesting and even bold mixes thrown together
that great some great layers.
Hope you're having a lovely evening Cindy, x

Tulla and Catie said...

I like the first picture with the frame on the wall - nice idea!

Decoracion real said...

The light blue wall in the first picture is amazing! Is it possible to know the name of the shop?

michele said...

charmed! lucky you!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

That frame on the outside really caught the eye :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi, it's an antiques shop,
these are the details:

Antique house
Jokikatu 22
tel. +358 19 582 022
or +358 400 953 229

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Love these little mummy-daughter trips,
one day it will be Paris :)
Have a sweet day michele, x

Meine Dinge Franka said...

So beautiful!!!!

♥ Franka

Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

Ihanan kauniita kuvia! Happy weekend, x

Meri Pas Blanquer (Carmen Pascual) said...

I love it!!

Odalisca said...

Preciosa página!

Rebekka said...

Ah...such incredible photos!!!

Unknown said...

Taas niin kaunista! Kiitos!

lottilou said...

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Anci said...

It looks very nice ! And you are a good photographer.


honeypieLivingetc said...

.. and thank you for sharing
that lovely longer straw [yes!]
with us .. :) x, h

Unknown said...

girls traveling lovely..making memories..
Beautiful post as usual..

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks Franka, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Kiitos muru!!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Glad to hear that
& thanks for saying so, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Eipä kestä,
kiva kun kävit jättämässä puumerkkiä :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Such an honour Lottilou,
thank you for thinking of me!
I've emailed you in the meantime
- sorry for the delay while I was away :) x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks so much,
I really value the encouragement,
there's so much more to learn, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Definitely the longer straw...
Thank you dear hannah,
loved hearing from you, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Memory-making, yes,
here's hoping for a whole lot more
bigger and smaller trips to look forward to
over the years...
Thank you ever so much for being so kind, x

Unknown said...

Thank you! for your sweet reply..I don't have so much time to write comments on blogs (though I would love it)so when I do is because I cant help it and its totally from the heart..
Hope you have the time to visit for a glance my last photoshoot in an empty pool..
love and light