one day

This photo duo touches my restless soul 
in the aftermath of the previous post.
You see, one of those infamous areas 
of 'unfinished business' is the bedroom, 
which we'll get to tackle one day (after the hallway),
creating a separate study/library area in one end. 
Here's me imagining myself when it's done,
(well perhaps not in those heels :). )

Until then it's still a case of contending 
with piles of books strewn here and there
and stuffed in boxes... 

“As the hours crept by, 
the afternoon sunlight bleached 
all the books on the shelves 
to pale, gilded versions of themselves 
and warmed the paper and ink inside the covers 
so that the smell of unread words 
hung in the air.” 
― Maggie StiefvaterShiver

Photos: Vogue.Es
michele said...

luxuriating just now in that quote. needed it. thanks.


Bleudelavande said...

I have a restless soul too, so I can understand you!!!! I adore those two pictures!!!!
Have a nice day.

Karo-Liina said...

Ihania ihania kuvia, mistä moisia aina löydätkään?! t: uusi lukijasi Kaardemumma

Chantelle said...

Gorgeous images, seriously. God, I want my own library one day. *crosses fingers

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I lurrved that quote,
want, need, want books
from floor to ceiling,
not in boxes :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Glad to hear I have a kindred spirit <3 !

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Kiva kuulla uudesta lukijasta,
tervetuloa hengailemaan Kaardemumma :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Let's keep those fingers crossed for both of us,
I'm sure it's quite a sure possibility :)

Unknown said...

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in the aftermath of the previous post." Thanks to share this innovative poem with us. mwd pulser