I walked the streets of Paris in my mind

Paris has been on my mind lately
- the last trip still vividly imprinted in my memory,
& plans for the next journey already jotted in the calendar.
One of the things my dream shop would sell
those inexpensive little French mementos,
simply for their lovely, yellow tins.

"The corner was like a great bowl of light,
little figures moving into it and fading out,
and beyond was all of Paris.
Paris was around us
and how could it be alien in our minds and hearts
even if no Frenchman ever spoke to us?
What it offered to us was what it had offered to men
from other countries for hundreds of years;
it was a lighted place where the imagination was free."

Morley Callaghan describing his first evening in Paris,
quoted in The Most Beautiful Walk in the World 
- A Pedestrian in Paris by John Baxter.

michele said...

mmmmmmmm. feelin this. have not seen the tins!

smiles to you, lovely.


Annie said...

Så vackert, så jättefint! :-D

Anonymous said...

Noi namit ei ole minusta edes kovin hyvän makuisia, mutta askit ovat ihania.
Piilomajan Kati

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I think I've bought them at magazine stalls etc.,
sort of the normal, everyday places.
Thank you for ALWAYS bringing a smile to my face, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Tack så jätte mycket Annie, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Niin hauskaa löytää täältä sulta tervehdys!
Maku ei mikään huikea ei, tosin eivät nuo erityisen pahankaan makuisia kuitenkaan
ehkä menevät omaan makuun kuitenkin sinne salmiakin suuntaan, mikä on hyvä juttu vaan.
Nuo askit on kyllä ihan hirmuisen kivoja,
jos mulla olisi se kivijalkakauppa saisi sieltä noita taskuun vietäviksi!

Helen | IKEA FAMILY live said...

Hi Rebecca, my name is Helen and I'm the digital editor at IKEA FAMILY live ( We love your home and I was wondering if you'd be interested in sharing it with our readers? If you're keen, please let me know - my email address is Hope to hear from you soon!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi Helen,
Thank you so much for getting in touch
- I'll email you :)