Makeup artist Amelie Holmberg's country abode in Sweden's Skåne has just the perfect pinch of shabby, relaxed nostalgia. The house was featured in the latest issue of Sköna hem Country Life,  

(I couldn't help notice how Amelie's kitchen has so many similar elements to ours - same tap, same fridge down to the colour, similar hob, worktops & shelves, although theirs on a much grander scale of course :)) 

Meikkitaiteilija Amelie Holmbergin skånelaiskoti on ihan tosi hurmaava. Tuo makuuhuonekin niin äärikaunis. Enkä voinut olla huomamatta, miten paljon Amelien keittiöstä löytyy samoja elementtejä kuin omastamme, heillä vaan on aikalailla isommalla mittakaavalla.

Photos: Mia Anderberg via eyes & her blog
houseno44 said...

it`s so nice . I Love your Pics


17doors said...

And my girls have the exact same garden table, isn't it cute!?
Amazing place!
Have a great week!

Merja said...

Simply gorgeous place.

cecilia said...

You are absolutely The BESt!!!I loved this in the magazine, but the pictures You got here is by far better... You made my day!1 And I love Scott Tomas as well:-))
All the best to you...I always read your blog THANK YOU!!!

michele said...

i could not miss the rosary strewn on the mirror like at our house! and the markers on that kitchen floor make me a nervous wreck! are you down with that too?



anne said...

Niin iiihanaaa! Upeita pintoja, kalusteita, tiloja! Kuvat loistavia!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks, thought this house had such a great *feel*.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

The table is so cute and it really is a great place with lovely ambience.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks so much,x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thought this had such nice elements of nostalgia and even a romantic notion,
yet isn't at all too over-the-top and frilly. Perfect balance.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oh thank you Cecilia for your kind, kind words!
I loved the pictures in the magazines and especially the large opening photo of the kitchen was a stunner,
but I, too, was so happy to find these, as they portray such a nice, relaxed mode, more of a lived-in feel.
Take care, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oh yes, rosaries & mirrors seem to be a perfect marriage.
And I know what you mean about those felt-tip pens on that white floor, would be totally forbidden in our house :)
And talking about floors, those worn bedroom floors just do it for me so!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oi kiitos anne, näissä on ihan hirmuisesti inspiselementtejä minunkin makuun!

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