Dark allure

As I mentioned in my recent Kristin Scott Thomas post, I've noticed a creeping fascination for photography that sets a darker tone, weaving a certain mysticism in the air that gives the imagination some wings to fly. Like in these recent Flickr faves -

'Mother and Child'
PeoniesNorCal girl

And all this makes me all the more eager to get serious with my camera, practice & learn, 
until my photos, too, can fly... 
A lifetime goal I guess.

The mother&child image is actually an autochrome from over a hundred years ago, somehow making it even more endearing.
Clicking on the images will lead you to the direct source. 

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tinajo said...

The second pic is so timeless! :-)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I know, isn't it amazing? Like it could have been taken yesterday or any day.
Makes it seem that the most important things in life remain unchanged.

michele said...

mmmmmmm. the shadows. i am not sure i could have appreciated this darker sensibility a decade ago. but now i honor the shadows. it's where we gain more knowledge about light!

smiles to you, and this journey you are on with your camera is bound to be brilliant.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Wise words michele - I feel the same way, there's a place for both sides to get the whole picture.
And thanks for the photography encouragement... baby steps, but already the thought and motivation to improve and learn more feel rewarding in themselves. And admiring the photos of people who do it so well & have found their voice that carries through the lense is really inspiring!

Robynne's Nest said...

Lovely photos Rebecca, especially the one of the mother and evocative! Robx

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks for your sweet words - that is such a beautiful image. x