Pia Jane Bijkerk

Pia Jane Bijkerk captures the world with such allure, tranquility, stillness and poise. And her life on a houseboat in Amsterdam conjures such romantic, inspiring thoughts!

(If you happen to be new to her blog, you can check it here)

All photos are from her new website, which can be found here

Cherry said...

I totally agree. I found her blog a few months ago, and like your's, I visit it regularly.

Urbanstems said...

Brilliant - I love a great find Rebecca. Thanks Sinead

Valloittava valkoinen said...

Tosi hienoja kuvia!

Hyvää päivän jatkoa!

michele said...

thank you so much for sharing such loveliness! i'm always inspired when i visit you and treasure your blog.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Cherry, So nice to hear :)

Urbanstems, It's nice to pass them on :)

Anu, Samaa mieltä, hän osaa vangita mahtavia tunnelmia.

michele, It's a pleasure, thank you for your kind, kind words. x

Linda Tinfena said...

This lovely place...
full of treasures I want to discover.