Happy Valentine's!

A sweet thank you for all your comments below. Life has been a little too consuming in the last week, but getting there now. This home in the latest issue of Livingetc is just fantastic! 

michele said...

happy val day! this house IS charming. you can feel the love. i would've been swooning over the ladder against the shelf alone, but there's something about seeing the child lounging on it that just elevates it to a killmenow swoon, ya know?

lovely post!


Cez said...

great inspiring!!! thanks for it

Barbara said...

I just love that magazine too!
Now I'm dreaming of a dark blue mantlepiece wall ...

k said...

that house is great!! I love how airy it seems

Rebecca said...

wonderful page...


Miranda said...

Ah! The egg chair! The chalkboard! The ladder against the bookcase! This house has managed to incorporate my absolutely favorite aspects of any house right into it. Kudos to them! Now I'll just sit here, dying from envy. Don't mind me. ;)


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

michele, I agree, the family photos are so charming, those floaty dresses and everything. Ultimate boho chic!

Cez, Glad you liked it, I was inspired, too :)

Barbara, That blue does look great, and a lovely mix of shades altogether!

Krysta, Yes, spacious and airy with some nice twists and details!

Rebecca, Thanks :)

Miranda, You say it so well :) I love that despite the classic pieces it all looks so natural, effortless and unpretentious, not such an easy thing to achieve necessarily.