light play


Guess you can say I’ve felt stuck lately, creatively speaking. Overthinking, doubting, worrying. Instagram as a platform hasn’t helped. I often have a nagging feeling there of not fitting in, not wanting to show up as a talking head in stories, create a curated feed, do the tricks that should in theory make your work seen. I feel it all alienates from the heart that’s beating inside, the unique voice that each of us has. But I continue to show up because of the beautiful people around, and a childlike desire to say, hi, look what I made. 

One of those gems I’ve connected with on IG is the incredible photographer and creator of soulful images, Kelle Sauer. Last night I found myself over on her site It's All a Love Story, reading through every post she had written from the heart so far. And something seemed to lift in me, a yearning to get in touch with the core again, become lost in the light, simply play without a single thought in the back of the mind about where whatever it is I am creating will be of use or fit in nicely. Simply to focus on whatever I find of beauty in the moment and let it open windows into new ways of seeing. 

 So, today I found myself doing just that, a bunch of soon-to-be fading ranunculus serving as my muse. In the midst of the flow, continuing despite the odd thought of “am I over-romanticising here” trying to interfere, and with it all a sense of oh how I’ve missed this, how I’ve needed this without quite realizing how much. 

The window open to the backyard, birdsong providing the soundtrack, spring light flickering through the curtains, lost in its own play too. Almost like touching something eternal for a fleeting moment.


Anonymous said...

The funny thing is, I've been spending the last week reading your blog from the very beginning (and browsing Pinterest) because those are my go-to boosts for creative inspiration. So I just wanted to let you know... you're doing something right. ;-)

Kellē said...

Oh Rebecca. This is so special to me. Thank you beyond for sharing your light. This is just perfect. 🥹

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Dear Aimee, how happy that makes me to hear!
I guess we all have our moments of doubt,
but the main thing is to keep finding that way back
– to those moments when we can feel free and flow.

My dear Kelle, I am so grateful for a soul sis like you.