The Sun Will Come Up


This January, I've been feeling a nudge to create space for a creative flow again. The year before was occupied with the nitty-gritty of the first steps of my shop Poésie Privée, and a meaningful stage as such. But now  I've wanted to simplify wherever I can, for instance by focusing on a single Instagram account, as having a separate one for the shop was double the work. Carving out time simply to follow an inner vision feels like the ultimate reward in itself, almost regardless of the outcome. In fact, it's the "mistakes" and surprises that are often the loveliest part.

This newly refound inspiration to create and play while listening to an inner voice has been coupled with the dreariest, slushiest, greyest of Januaries. I've been dreaming of a little gîte in the South of France, longing for sunlight and feeling frustrated. When I came across a bunch of mimosas in a flower shop, my heart almost skipped a beat – hundreds of miniature suns in my hands! Just about enough window light to get some shots in between sniffing the yellow blooms with their gentle fragrance of sunlight, warmth, Provence. 

Isn't that the beauty of photography, or any form of creating 
– a chance to conjure up a slice of whatever it is we long for...?