Deux cafés, s'il vous plaît!

a peck on the cheek
& two coffees please.
we'll find a corner table
so we can hear each other
above that darling soundtrack 
of background chatter punctuated by
the clinking of coffee cups.
we talk for hours,
goodness is that the time,
a warm hug,
until next time.

(jeeeez, I'm missing being a human! 
but we adapt
& we find the good things
within our bubbles for now.) 

glimpses from Verlet from last summer.
I realise my knowledge of Parisian cafés
is much more limited than I'd love it to be, 
but two visits in
I declare it a fave.
(despite the initial shock of a renovation
having taken place since the first time
– but  trust the French to get even those right
& not at all too polished and shiny looking! ) 


Alida said...

oooo yes... so so true.. you say it.. i miss being a human!.. x