i, too, join in the throngs
who praise the New Year 
for offering a blank page.
a whole lot of goodness to hold onto,
some trivia to let go,
tweaks to be made.

my magic word for 2019 is F O C U S
again & again,
i seem to have fallen in the trap
of my personal creative time
slipping away. 
 this year i will be guarding it,
marking the alotted times in my diary in ink

my 2019 list:

* fine art photography

(i already made an effort to, yes, *focus* on this
with a dedicated new instagram account November Atelier
~  find me there if you fancy.
it's my quieter place.  )

* shift focus back to blog

* website up & running

* Paris

* the perfect white shirt

* uninterrupted, scheduled time for personal creativity 

* no work stuff in the evenings & weekends

* more reading & writing, phone down

* presence

i'd love to hear,
do you have a magic word for the coming year?
any plans, adjustments, wishes?

i am so thankful for all the kindness & encouragement
over here in the past year.
wishing you a creative New Year,
rich in meaningfulness.


Aimee said...

I'm so excited to follow along on your journey this year, since just discovering your blog a couple months ago. One of my best discoveries of 2018! My words will be up in a blog post later this week, but they are: yoga, reading (fewer TV reruns), listening (practice the pause), simplicity, self-care, health, write, adventure, create.

Beautiful new Instagram account. I adore your photos!


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you lovely Aimee *so much*
~ reading your words make me glow inside... x
your words sound perfet for the New Year,
in that gentle way
that I think more and more of us yearn for these days...
I definitely think there's a magic in writing them down
& reminding ourselves every now and then.
lots of love & light in 2019! x