we leave our quiet Tuscan country retreat
& arrive in Florence,
where we are met with a barrage
of crowds, noise & selfie sticks. 
we sort of knew what to expect,
but it still hit us hard...
so we sought solace.

let's grab a gelato
& mosey on... 

while the queues to the Uffizi wind away in a never-ending formation,
the Bargello Palace Museum welcomes in
with its hushed, expansive courtyard
& lofty rooms...

 then it's back through the crowds
& a dive through velvet curtains
into a church thick in silence, 
the scent of incense,
& a quiet shuffle
of people kneeling to pray
or lighting a candle for loved ones.

then to a temple of another kind

the rooms dazzle,
as we pick out a few souvenirs to take home
& stop for refreshments 
at the Herbal Tea Room.

not sure if it's the heat or what,
but i seem to be drawn to all things rose ~
rose tonic water to splash on flushed cheeks,
a pink bottle of exquisite pink elixir concealed in that packaging
& the taste of rose champagne on my tongue.
(Byredo's La Tulipe crept into the photo for some reason
just to confuse things :)) 


Kimmie said...

😍😍😍 It's hard to believe such architecture even exits let alone how old those buildings are!!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I agree with you 100%...
mind-blowing & awe-inspiring! x