"Italy Stories, a beginning"
have been staring in the face over the last few weeks.
There's plenty more on those lines to share right here,
but things have been, well, a bit hectic.
Hectic but serene at the same time.

You see, 
a huge project fell through,
a project that I was already stressed about during the summer holidays,
and this turn came as a relief I have to say. 
Plenty of better things were waiting around the corner,
a number of smaller gigs that happened to fall around the same time.
Much nicer ones than the one I was sort of dreading.
And I've learned something in the process,
something of trust,
swearing under my breath not to say 'yes' to the wrong things
the next time round,
even in a moment of despair.
And although it's been mad busy,
there's been a sense of new things on the horizon,
an autumm, which awaits like a journal,
the first pages leaving a little breathless,
but beyond, pages inviting in their exquisite promise of unknown opportunities.

This weekend I've also said my goodbyes.
The workspace I've had the pleasure of winding my way to
on and off over the last few years
awaits its new, wonderful tenants. 
A creative couple I admire so brought in their cardboard boxes,
a huge painting wrapped up and leaning against those windows I loved so,
as I left my key on the table & closed that door for the last time. 
Although the goodbyes are bittersweet,
I know this is how it's meant to be. 

The roses might be nearly gone,
but there are plenty of flowers in this season.
A little odd in their beauty sometimes
& wonderful all the same. 
Treasures in the shadows
waiting for us to take notice.


Irene said...

This is beautiful. I am so scared of the ending and the beginning that I feel in my depth of desire and heart and skin. I admire the way you put it. Wish me to dare on!

Aimee said...

I am so thrilled to have just discovered your blog this week. I've been feeling the urge to create, as I often do in the fall, and discovering your photos and words gave me the ultimate inspiration I needed to finally start writing (again) and start my own blog (again). I love love LOVE your aesthetic, and style, of both words and photos.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

I wish it with all my heart dear lovely Rena!
It can be scary but more rewarding than anything before...
Wishing you light & love & peace every step of the way... x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Dear Aimee,

(you have a beautiful name by the way,
my daughter's second name :))

What a joy to read your words,
that you were filled with the urge to create!
The ultimate compliment one could ever get...
I think there's a magic in sharing,
in sparking one another in some way,
then going away and creating our own thing,
passing that on to someone else...
A magical, never-ending ride!
I would love to come over and read your blog,
keep me posted lovely :)

Hoping those creative juices keep flowing
& you have yourself a very special autumn! x

Aimee said...

And a joy in return to read yours! :) Thank you for taking the time to respond. I mention you in my first post, as the final small but significant push into the creative world (again). I would love to have you as my first reader!