"The photographer,
even in fashion & portraiture,
has to have a standpoint.
It's important to know 
what you stand for, no?
Most people just take pictures
but they stand for nothing.
They follow trends
don't know why."

"If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting 
an image of women in society,
then I must say,
there is only one way for the future,
& this is to define women
as strong & independent.
This should be the responsibility of photographers today:
to free women,
and finally everyone,
from the terror of youth & perfection."

"Your inspiration is better
if it comes from many different sources
& your sensibilities will transform
all those influences & inspiration
into your own visual world.
It's like reading the book
instead of watching the movie."

"Photography gives you the opportunity
to use your sensibility
& everything you are
to say something about 
& be part of the world around you.
In this way,
you might discover who you are,
with a little luck,
you might discover something much larger
than yourself."

Quotes: Peter Lindbergh

at Kunstahalle München 
last summer,
& exhibition mementos in the last one.