i know, how cute can one actually get, right?!
my two gorgeous nieces popped round 
on Sunday afternoon.
little Stella has a thing for the Eiffel tower,
she clutched my miniature one tightly in her hand
the whole time... 
when she started to play with that old top hat, too,
I had no choice but to quickly
rummage for the camera.
she chose props that were right up my street :) 

at the weekend,
we also caught some fresh autumn air
in the countryside,
just the two of us.
sometimes i get an urge
to surround myself with fields
even for just an afternoon. 
it had just rained
& then came the sun.
a field of glistening pearls.

past the midway point 
of september,
it's autumn for real. 
i'm drawn to lush, deep tones,
mauve, mulberry, crimson, fig,
a notch deeper
than the early autumn golds.

inspiration isn't hard to find on the whole right now.
still plenty of light
for spontaneous camera play,
& a closing in of sorts
in a world of one's very own
of books, poems, films & walks
that feed the imagination.