Spring burst through the door
& painted everything blush, cotton and neon.
The warmer breeze
has released an air of ease.
The mind drifts to summer holidays
in a heat that soars to 
near-African temperatures.
I'm ready for the adventure. 

Until then,
the days continue to be filled
with words & photography editing for others.
And then I reward myself
by rummaging through the  hard drive
for one or two just for me,
for you,
like these ones.
I add my thing to them slowly,
feeling the love,
wanting nothing but tenderness
& dreaminess,
as music fills the room.
There's freedom right there,
in that small moment.

It's freedom that always beckons,
and makes the thought of a total break
shine like a beacon.
To feel it rushing through the body,
leading by the hand to play (= to create), 
while I leave all expectations behind
(mine & others')
in a heap in the hallway.
And then,
at summer's end,
begin again,
with a clearer mind,
and a heart that's aligned.

(And I sit here writing this, thinking,
"but you've mulled on these same things before". 
 I look calmly in the eye and say,
"but darling, even if it's two steps back sometimes,
that, too, constitutes a journey.")

Let's make some sweeping sky circles this summer,
shall we?