This weekend,
I carefully unwrapped
my Christmas present candle,
& the fragrance of Astier de Villatte's
Paradis Latin
now fills the room:

"Under the historic dome of the Paradis Latin, 
overlooking the room meticulously prepared for the dinner-show, 
the artists’ dressing rooms are abuzz. 
The slow metamorphosis of frivolous Marquises, 
of rustling cancan dancers, 
of bird-men, 
of rhinestone-winged archangels in a whirlwind of fragrances 
of naked skin, 
of powder, 
of lipstick, 
of glittering make-up. 
A delicious perfume invades the cabaret." 

Their descriptions are so delicious
that the imagination immediately
begins its role play 
~ I see white powder on shoulders,
blush tulle against bare skin,
feather ornaments reflected in mirrors,
sequins glittering & getting trampled under gold shoes
 against a creaky, worn herringbone floor,
clouds of perfume in the air...

And the lingering scent touches on memories 
~ milky white talcum powder 
against my baby son's velvet skin,
my grandmother getting out her powder puff 
& coral lipstick
from the sideboard drawer,
a sun beam trapped in the corner
of the bevelled mirror on the wall,
as she gets ready to go out.  


lille weiß said...

Happy Weekend for you Rebecca <3<3<3

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you lovely
~ wishing you a restful Sunday!

Bien chiné said...

I love the way to describe it. Just magic

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thanks dear Nines so much!
I have a weakness for A de V,
the way their words & the exquisite scents themselves
transport you to all sorts of moods & places...
And the way scents so often touch on a memory as well.
Such an enticing world of its own... x