Dear reader,
you may want to get yourself 
a café au lait, glass of rosé,
or whatever it may be that tickles the fancy
- you're in for a loooong post. 
(Although more pictures than words.)

We'd enter through these gates,
then carry on along the long pathway,
passing olive groves on either side
along the way. 

And then we arrive in paradise,
our home away from home.

We stay in a simple gîte at the rear end of the estate,
where life quickly takes on a relaxed vibe,
the kind we'd hoped.
Tucked in the middle of countryside,
hearing the neighbour's sheep by day,
concerts by crickets by night.

We'd pick up veggies
that oozed in vibrant colours & flavours
from the local store,
 bread warm from the oven
from the boulangerie,
a short drive away. 

A beautiful base for scratching the surface
of all that Provence has to offer.
The feeling that for those few precious weeks
that beckoned ahead,
you actually "lived" there,
rather than followed tourist trails.

We fell in love with the three dogs,
Gustave, Léopold & Lucette,
elderly gentleman Gustave 
especially stealing our hearts.
(There was a mutual thing going on there,
he had a habit of sneaking into our cottage
although he wasn't supposed to...)

Then there were the two white horses
my daughter would try to glimpse each day.. 
And human bonds, too,
for our daughter so strong
that parting with her new friend 
caused tears to stream down her face.

Dips in the pool 
during the hottest hour of the afternoon
& after long days exploring
nearby villages and towns. 

We've sworn we'll be back one day.


Riitu said...

Ihana, ihana tunnelma <3. Sanaton.


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your blog. Your writing opens up a magical world of its own and your pictures takes my breath away. Please never stop. I need this blog and the inspiration, joy and longing towards beautiful things it brings to my life. Thank you! :)

lille weiß said...

I love this Post & i love your Pictures on your
Blog & by Instagram <3 <3 <3

Have a nice Day


anaty said...

hi,my name is Anat and im from Tel-Aviv,thanks so much for this blog!the pictures and your writting are so beautiful,i chek in everyday and so happy with every new post (as with older ones:) ) it's like a little break from the daily THANK YOU!

Tea with Ruby said...

Simple perfection. Jx

stina sæm said...

That is just Devine, so beautiful and peaceful. Now I just want to jump on a plain and spend my summer in provence 😍

Anonymous said...

Nöyrin kiitos tästä aikamatkasta kauniiseen Provenceen, jossa en ole koskaan käynyt - mutta tätä lukiessani olin melkein tuoksuja myöten paikanpäällä! Omaan makuuni myös täydellisen loman aineksia. Kiitos kun raotit meille lukijoille porttia, miten ihanan taivaallinen kurkistus! <3
Mukavaa kesää!

Lukijasi, Maria

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oi kiitos Riitu -
tuolla oli, ihan mieletön... x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Dear Anonymous,
your words stirred such a deep place inside,
thank you from my heart.
It's become an important part of my life,
a space of my very own,
and it makes me so happy
when others get something out of it, too.
No plans to stop :)
Wishing you every good thing
wherever you are right now, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Monika
- lovely to get a warm glimpse of you
here & on Instagram :)
A lovely new week to you, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Anat so much!
Ha ha, it's a break from my daily mess, too,
a little escape :)
Sending you lots of love & light
all over in Tel-Aviv, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you so much dear J!
And for all that beauty
that you spread!

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

The weather's not been that great here since
(although picking up this week it seems),
and I've been thinking many times
I wouldn't mind jumping back on that plane already :)
This was my first time in Provence
after years and years of dreaming,
and everything about it far exceeded my hopes... x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos ilahduttavasta viestistä Maria!
Tämä oli minunkin ensimmäinen reissu Provenceen,
toivottavasti alkusoittoa useammalle :)
Tuolta löytyi mielestäni aika täydellinen yhdistelmä
- Provence kutsuu ottamaan rennosti,
mutta silti joka suunnalta löytyy vaikka mitä katsottavaa,
jota mielellään ahmii,
muttei sillä tavalla hiki hatussa kuin isoissa kaupungeissa.
Ihanaa kesän jatkoa toivotan sinullekin!