"White is the presence of all colours."

After all I've seen, 
the mind seems to return to the simplest forms.
To a place where I hear my thoughts.
Like a lump of clay for hopes,
or a canvas for dreams.

Room to paint in any colour,
mold in any shape.
The tickling feeling of,
rather than something concrete,
a vagueness
that also feels like possibilities.

The world around seems to have gone rather mad lately.
Among many other things,
it's made me think about integrity.
I remember someone saying
it's not something you are born with,
but a decision you make each moment
of each day.

A decision to be open and vulnerable.

Courage to be a blank canvas,
even with the risk of it becoming speckled
with dust and dirt.

It has more beauty & character that way anyway,
I think.


Tarja said...

So beautiful Rebecca!! I just love these photos & your wise words, gorgeous :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Tarja
for your lovely words!
Happy new week to you, x

Baba said...

Delicious and crispy. Love it!