we are the only visitors this afternoon.
the floorboards creak gently under the feet,
as we slowly wander
from room to room,
the air easy to breathe
in a house well-built.
timeless beauty in every nook.

we can't resist stooping over
the leafy geranium 
that basks in front of the sun-drenched window
to secretly rub its lemon-scented leaves 
between our fingertips.

flowerbeds still bare outside,
but all that life bubbling
under the black soil
- almost time to burst into splendour.

i don't feel pressurized 
after seeing picture-perfect homes
in interior magazines,
no need to have 
what everyone else has,
quite the opposite. 
 it's places like this
where inspiration fills me to the core.

on returning home, it hits
- frustration,
over all that clutter 
that seems to accumulate from nowhere
in this day & age. 
"come on, 
it's a museum for goodness sake",
says a little voice inside my head.

(i wonder what they considered "ugly"
in their homes in that day & age,
or did the concept even exist?) 

paikan ainoat vierailijat.
lattialaudat narahtavat lempeästi jalan alla,
tuoksupelargoniaa pakko hivellä 
salaa sormien välissä. 
ulkona vielä paljasta,
mutta mullan alla kuohuu
- aivan pian rävähtää. 

en kerää ahdistusta sisustuslehtien
täydellisistä kotikuvista,
mitään tarvetta 
ei ole haalia kaikkea sitä samaa,
mitä muilla,
mutta tällaisessa paikassa intoudun
sydänjuuriani myöten.
kotiin palattua
 se vyöryy päälle
- ahdistus
kaikesta turhasta ja rujosta
nykypäivän rojusta.
"haloo, ei ehkä kannata verrata museoon",
sanoo sisäinen järjen ääni. 

(mitäköhän sata vuotta sitten
pidettiin kodeissa "rumana",
vai pidettiinkö mitään?) 


lille weiß said...

Very nice Post with Pictures .

Have a nice Day


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you dear Monika!
It's easy to lose oneself in places like these :) x

Linda said...


Joanna Ulfsdotter said...

SO much share this sentiment as I don't even read mags anymore, but museums like this get me every time...and it was actually a visit to this house when I was nine that sparked my interest in history! I recognized the plants and statues immediately although I've not been back since. The patina, the smell, the atmosphere of these lived-in spaces from a time when things were made with loving attention to detail; designed to last, and not rushed in the making either. I wouldn't trade ages for other reasons, but the pace of a slower life ALWAYS beckons...
Great shots, you've captured it so well! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

thank you darling Jo,
i feel the same as you,
wouldn't trade living in this days & age otherwise,
but i so value the aesthetics, quality,
creating houses & objects that
were meant to serve a purpose, last
& be beautiful at the same time...
this is one of my favourite "old houses" to visit,
as it still feels like a real, almost living home.
planning to return in the summer
when the garden is in full bloom!