There are places
& then there are places like Atelier September,
where the light streams through arched windows,
the music plays softly, 
the food looks as fresh & delicate
as it tastes,
sprinkled with sprigs of mint
snapped from a little bush that's in bloom.

Where you end up returning
the next day,
having already decided to make it a regular haunt
whenever in town. 

With these it's so long Copenhagen
& thank you my dear reader for tagging along!


Anu. said...

Oi voi voi,taas...
Kiitos itsellesi!

Seawashed said...

The first photo is gorgeous...the pumpkins on the steps add just the right amount of Autumn for me. Simple beauty.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Kiitos ihana Anu!! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Thank you Kerrie darling,
it was such a gem of a place,
a rarity...
how I'd love to sip on a frothy café au lait
from one of their vintage French bowls
perched opposite you for a chat... x

honeypieLivingetc said...

years and years since i’ve been
to lovely atelier september..
.. this sparks a giant lust to be
able to stroll thru that very door
this very day, to say the least..!

thank you, so much, for sharing.


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

this was the first time for me,
well, the first two times,
as we went two days in a row...
hope you get to go to Copenhagen
sooner than later,
such a delicious city in every way, xx