Spring has truly sprung.
It’s carrying winds of change,
A bittersweet ending,
something new slowly in the making.

Ascension Day and a day off today.
A walk by the sea, 
swans nesting,
the cutest ducklings making a beeline for their mummy.
Everything around erupting & bursting all at once,
yet I'm holding on to a softness.

I heard spring whisper in my ear:
“Somewhere between pushing and disenchantment,
 toil and disillusion,
lies a place where things flow -
a path dotted with lightness.”

R, x

Anci said...

You have the voice and eye of a poet. I always dream when I'm here. And I take small, small steps forward...


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

It's always such a pleasure to read the words you've left behind, Anci.
Those small steps have been very much on my mind recently,
I think they and the grace each day are more than enough.
Wishing you lovely weekend moments.

Anonymous said...

marvelous photos! Thanks! They take my breath.