A few shots from Fabrique in Gamla Stan,

where I enjoyed a quiet cup of cappuccino,

as Stockholm was still rubbing its eyes

in the wake of  a new summer day. 


Muutama kuva Gamla Stanin Fabriquesta,

jossa sain nauttia rauhassa aamukahvit

Tukholman vielä heräillessä kesäpäivään. 


Ivana said...

Oooh! The next week I'll try to go! happy!

Anonymous said...

ooh mniam!

Anci said...

I really hope that you like Stockholm in this hot lovely season ! I try to find new places and treasures here in my own town :)


Burlap Luxe said...

The beauty you share, inspiring places always inspire a good life.
Love all these business photos of simple beauty.
I love the quiet in the window view, and the bread rack where breads will be filled.



Even the simplest of things looks good through your eyes and camera.
I can smell the bread baking from here :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Sounds like a great plan, enjoy! x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Yummy pastries, coffee and decor :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Ooh Anci,
I LOVE Stockholm, whatever the season...
I just wish I had bit more time there next time <3
A sweet Stockholm summer to you, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

T H A N K Y O U dear Dore !
It happened to be one of those quiet morning moments
in town,
when you catch the city still waking up,
before suddenly all the noise and people appear.

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

for always being so generous with your words.
A lovely Saturday to you, x

Mary said...

Hi Rebecca - I was just in Stockholm - only one day though as I was on a cruise ship! I loved wandering about the scenic city but SO wish I had stumbled into this beautiful space!
I'm a lover of really good artisan breads, and of course a good cup of coffee, this would have been the perfect stop if I'd known about it.
As for design, the tile work is fabulous and I love the lighting, especially the large metal lampshades over the bakery counter.

I'm glad I found your blog and will enjoy looking back through what I can tell are some fabulous photos.

Happy day - Mary (in North Carolina, USA)