Here's something that just raised the aesthetics levels 

of my Sunday right to the roof,

as I stumbled upon the most exquisite instafeed...

Erika Cavallini is the talent behind 

her Erika Cavallini Semi-Couture label,

a stunning marriage of Italian craftsmanship 

and wonderful photography.

You can check out the website here

and find her on Instagram here


Unknown said...

That just brightened my whole weekend! Stunning!

Bette said...

Oh My! Loved these! Immediately followed her on Instagram.
Thanks for the post.
Ciao, Bette xx

michele said...

oh rebecca. you do know yer way around my heart and soul, not don't you? this is beautiful work i hope will reappear in dreamland tonight. merci.


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Glad it brightened your weekend Hildi,
it had the same effect on me!
Have a lovely week ahead of you, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

So glad to hear you liked them, too,
and that you followed through to her instagram...
Such a beautiful world of its own, ♡

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Oh yes, the stuff of dreams and enticing moods and eternal Italian summers...
♡♡♡ ma belle!