Paolo Roversi's Secrets at Fotografiska

was the most enticing Stockholm secret

I'd been waiting all autumn to uncover it seems…

We went round slowly,

silently, almost meditatively.

I honestly don't remember an exhibition

with such a tangible atmosphere,

beckoning to slow down

and drink in so much beauty

- familiar images

that were suddenly enveloped in a new type of intimacy,

others I'd never seen before,

leaving me to wonder how that was possible.

A glass of wine and the other two exhibitions

before returning once more, 

almost in an attempt to hold on to every trickling drop

of the magical aesthetic. 

A chance to share our secrets, too,

and pick up a few that are still waiting 

to be opened at Christmas.

Taking home Roversi's words -

"The images we create do not come from the outside world

but from inside, from our spirit,

and I feel that it is more correct to say

that we give a picture, rather than we take a picture.

Every photograph enters the world with love,

where the heart can see deeper than the mind, 

beyond appearances.

In my work there is no logic;

the reason stays out of the studio door,

leaving space to emotions, feelings and dreams."


Florence said...

Oh la la, this candle is so chic ...

michele said...

if this is what a lack of reason and logic looks like, bring it on! thanks for taking us with you.

i read 'trickling drop' as 'tickling drop.' i like both.


Bien chiné said...


Rebecca Skye Watson said...

The candle is total indulgence…
It's still waiting for Christmas and a tidy house :)

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

Trickling & tickling,
very much so, yes :)
I'm so gasping for lack of reason and logic right now
and a bit of downtime at Christmas…

Hope you're having a light&bright pre-Christmas time, x

Rebecca Skye Watson said...

It makes me happy that you think so, Nines!
Hope you're keeping well, x