Our Italian abode

Some glimpses of what we called h o m e -

"We were woken up by a thunderstorm in the night,
the rain and hailstones beating against the windows
and even pouring through the kitchen doors and chimney.
When the midmorning sun peeked through the clouds
I fell into a deckchair in the garden.
A walk to the little shop in the nearby village,
a cat following right behind us,
- he now seems to be our regular guest and the children's entertainer."
An excerpt from my diary

"Yöllä heräsimme ukkosmyrskyyn, 
sade ja rakeet paiskoivat ikkunoita vasten 
ja tunkivat jopa keittiön ovenraosta ja takan hormista sisään. 
Aamupäivällä auringon pilkahtaessa vajosin pihalla aurinkotuoliin. 
Piipahdimme lähikylän pikkukaupassa, kissa kintereillämme, 
saatiin siitä vakivieras ja lasten ilahduttaja." 
Ote päiväkirjastani

Unknown said...

That looks beautiful - can u say where it is please? Xxxx

houseno44 said...

<3 <3 Beautiful !!!

Love all your Picture



michele said...

so many beautiful quiet moments...just lovely!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi Carole,
the house was situated about 800 meters above Nesso on Lake Como.
Doesn't sound so far,
but is sure was a long, winding drive round the mountain
every time we headed for an excursion.
If you're interested in the actual apartment,
jot me an email.
It's privately owned,
so not sure I should display the owner's details publically on here.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you Anna, so much!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hugs Dragana!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Funny you should say that
- it was quiet for one's soul,
but boy were there noises
- every single church across the valleys
doing their thing on the hour,
donkeys, cockerels, cars and the local buses tooting their horns on every bend,
topped by our two kids!


Doina Manea said...

Beautiful photos that prove, again, that you have an artist eye for the detail. I also like you writing style, concise and yet full of meaning and images. Always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Liivia said...

Olettepa kerrassaan ihanan majapaikan löytäneet! Italian pienet ihanat asiat, juuri näistä minäkin siellä nautin. Kaunista.