Mr Oliver Gustav

The other night I dreamt I was sitting
 on a bench by a canal in Copenhagen at dusk time,
- it was one of those dreams
with an extra special, enticing mood
that you don't quite want to wake up in the morning... 
No definite plans for a Denmark trip right now,
but one thing's for sure -
next time I am SO going to peer
into Oliver Gustav's chalky, concrete-y, 
beautiful world.

Photos via Nude Home magazine, 
( where you can read all about him, albeit in Icelandic :) )  

Unknown said...


michele said...

nude is such a delicious way to describe a minimal or raw space, isn't it? i'd like to borrow that dream since mine tend to be have themes like loose teeth and showing up barefoot in formal places!



tinajo said...

These pics are smashing! :-)

Hanna H said...

Ohhoh mikä paikka! Tuonne menisikin mieluusti ihmettelemään :)

Unknown said...

Wonderful. Sigh!

James said...

That's a great collection. I love the minimalistic feel of it.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Yes! x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Nude is a very delicious word for such a thing
- and Nude magazine was a nice find, too!
Ha, sending you lots of chic dreams
to replace those loose teeth and barefooted appearances :)
Dreams are funny old things, aren't they.
I remember dreaming about London for about six months solid
after moving back to Finland
- I was missing it masses!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

So natural&inspiring, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Ehdottomasti Tanskan tärppilistalle,
koskahan sinne pääsisi?!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Raw but somehow so soft,
love it, too!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks James!

anne said...

What a magazine ! I love it...