At home with Jennifer Jansch

I first set my eyes on the Stockholm apartment of stylist Jennifer Jansch in Sköna hem some time ago, and thought I'd compile pictures from a couple of other sources here. I really love her unique, eclectic style, which seems to me rather deluxe, but with a twinkle in the eye.

Apparently this beautiful home has since been sold as the family relocated to New York, but hopefully some photos from their new home will crop up somewhere at some point.
Wishing you all a lovely evening!

Photos: SVD and D Pages

michele said...

love her style, and the last image takes my breath away!


Doina Manea said...

And what a twinkle in the eye was there! Delightful interiors, kids and cat.

Off the topic. Last night I watched HGTV - Homes & Gardens channel, the show House Hunting International. They followed two young women (from Canada) in their pursuit of an apartment in Helsinki. Usually they show images from the city where the ”hunting” takes place. I was delighted to see glimpses of your beautiful city, the shoreline, some parks, streets, the green-and-yellow tramway. Of course, I thought of Rebecca, the only Finnish lady I know.
Cheers and have a wonderful, restful Sunday.

Tiina A said...

Somebody made a great buy!
Hopefully we will se Jennifer's new home soon.

Nell said...

Un style vraiment unique, merci pour cette visite

Anonymous said...

Hei! Muistan asunnon ruotsalaisen kiinteistövälitysfirman sivulta, joita tulee seurattua aika säännöllisesti. Eli myyty on.

michele said...

...and i'm back!

feelin lucky?

giveaway open internationally.


Valloittava valkoinen said...

Todella tyylikästä ja kaunista!

Hyvää alkuviikkoa sinulle Rebecca.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

The last one was my favourite, too,
so saved it for the last... x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Ha, this was interesting to hear :)
It is a rather beautiful city, if I say so myself,
the sea especially brings its own inspiring element.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oh yes, quite the dream pad!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hauska yhteensattuma,
tuollainen ei tosiaan varmaankaan kauaa roiku markkinoilla!
Ihan mielenkiintoista olisi nähdä jossain vaiheessa kuvia uudesta kodista :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oh goody goody,
I'll be there :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Kiitokset Anu!
Minä puolestani toivottelen siis hyvää loppuviikkoa,
päivät meinaavat totaalisesti karata käsistä.