October catch

A gloriously sunny October day today, the kind that leaves you with rosy cheeks, slightly nippy fingers and epitomises one's love for this time of year. The annual herring market came to town, and I thought I'd share some of the ambience. (Although, thanks to the crowds, the only herring I managed to catch with my lens were chocolate ones :) ) 

Tänään oli juuri sellainen syyssunnuntai, joka loihtii posket ruusuisiksi, sormenpäät himpun kohmeisiksi ja muistuttaa täydellä terällä siitä, miksi syksy niin kovasti sykähdyttääkin.Vuotuiset silakkamarkkinat tulivat kaupunkiin, mikä loihtii kyllä aina ihan oman tunnelmansa kauppatorin maisemiin. Tosin yleisöryntäys oli sen verran valtaisa, että ainoat linssiin tarttuneet silakat olivat suklaan muodossa. Jospa viikolla tekisi hiljaisemman kierroksen.

P.S. Mikäli joku lukijani sattui tallentumaan tuohon venekuvaan olen ilman muuta sen valmis poistamaan, mikäli yhtään häiritsee :) 

Zoete Kers said...


Doina Manea said...

Lovely photos. So you have a herring market once a year? I love herrings, and all kind of fish minus shark. What it is in those jars? It looks yummy.
A crisp October day on the East Coast, too. On the rainy side. Friday I wore sandals it was so warm, tomorrow, boots.
Looking forward to more pics,
with love,

BEACH & EAU said...


Veronica Roth said...

Chocolate herring sounds better than the real thing...although I love pickled herring. Looks like you had a lovely day. :)

Anonymous said...

looks great!! thank you for sharing, rebecca!

michele said...

oh myyyyyyyyy. i love this. the washed out greys and the crispness in the air.



Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks Zoete, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

A herring market yes,
herring in all sorts of shapes and forms,
often in a pickled variety marinated in a myriad of flavours.
But they do sell other fish, too, and the famous syrupy archipelago bread.
The orange jars are filled with sea-buckthorn jam,
an orange berry that's apparently brimming with nutritious goodness.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Pickled herring is what it's mostly about here, too,
it's good, but in small doses for me :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you dearest c., x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

So happy if the crispness of that day somehow carries through in these,
the atmosphere was suddenly very 'Scandinavian', breathing those wonderful archipelago vibes.
Take care lovely!

Doina Manea said...

Pickled herrings are good, eaten in moderation tho! Buckthorn jam ... hm, I must look around to see if we have something like this. There is a farmer market on the side of the campus where I work (Columbia University), every Thursday. I made friends with some farmers, I'll ask them if they know about this orange berry. They bring products that are not commonly found on a supermarket shelf.
Thank you for the reply.