Magical weekend moments, dear friends! 

Photos: Kinfolk

Carole Poirot said...

These photos really say 'cosy Autumn weekend' - beautiful. Have a lovely weekend xo

michele said...


right back at ya.


Anci said...

It's the right weekend feeling in these photos !
I hope that your weekend will be wonderful and just right :)


honeypieLivingetc said...

aah, kinfolk.. aah, you..
*smiles* thank you for
my first saturday smiles !

x, h.

noomiy said...

pure magic

Svenja said...

lovely, i need a coffee now :)

nannette said...

Yeah me too, I'm quickly getting a coffee.
Have a "bon weekend"!

Nell said...

Des amis, de beaux endroits et pour apprécier le tout un bon café. Quoi de mieux pour passer un délicieux week-end

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Jointly, Mademoiselle Poirot, michele, Anci, Hannah,
noomiy, Svenja, nannette&Nell -
thank you&merci for your weekend words.
I have so many soul sisters here, I just know it, x

Didn't mean to post a coffee advert here,
but funny enough these seem to send me, too, into a coffee grabbing frenzy :)
(Although I am easily provoked in this department!).
I was thinking that these do epitomise simple, lovely weekend elements
- pots of coffee (unless that didn't become clear by now :) ), late breakfast,
staying under ruffled sheets with a good read or magazine,
seeing a friend at a café, fresh flowers and time to play with the camera.
Not very high-maintenance, ay :)

okcamp said...

Nice mood.