Scandinavian with a French Air

Photos: Per Gunnarson
Meine Dinge Franka said...

What a lovely kitchen
... entrance
... livingroom!


Karena said...

Rebecca, fabulous images, I adore them all and am so happy to find you!

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Art by Karena

polkadotpeticoat said...

So unbelievably perfect! love the arches the best!

Anonymous said...

I love this look! I think i have found "my" style. You always find the best homes and images. Your blog is my favorite!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

There isn't anything I don't like about this home. SO tasteful, classic and stunning..just like your blog!! Leahx

elena nuez said...

C'est magnifique!!!!
thanks for sharing and greetings from Spain,


Anu.R said...

Hei, huomasin vasta että olet tullut takaisin! Ihania kuvia on tullut tauon jälkeen. Juuri lisäsin blogiini listan lemppariblogeista, lisään tämän vielä!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Franka, Yes, I'm particularly in awe of the kitchen, such a great space. Salut :)

Karena, Thank you, glad you came by :) Sounds like a fantastic prize you have up for grabs. x

polkadotpeticoat, Yes, there seems to be a nice continuation of arches, I really love the green window cum mirror resting on the side table. a

pkmelland, So great to hear you think you've found your look! Cutting out favourites from magazines and choosing others online does seem to help along the way in becoming more aware of one's own taste buds.

Leah - The Inside Story, Thank you so x. I think this house is a good blend of rustic, old and romantic, yet classic and uncluttered.

Elena, Merci beaucoup! Greetings to sunny Spain x

rva Reipas, Tauko vähän venähti, nyt taas uusin voimin. Olenkin käynyt kurkkimassa blogissasi, hirmuisen mukavaa löytää toinen kotikaupunkilainen :) Iloinen olon, jos haluat linkata.

TinfenaStudio said...

You really know how to pick them,
that's why I always visit your amazing blog.
So Scandinavian and French and Zen even,
I love it!

{ T G L } said...

I can totally see that hybrid of Nordic design meeting French Country style. But the effects are quite stunning! An easy, breathy, relaxed style with a touch of sophistication.

Thanks for sharing :)
This Good Life

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

TinfenaStudio, thank you for such a lovely track of comments you left behind, loved reading them x

TGL, You sum it up well so well, effortless elegance indeed. Thanks for your kind wishes x

MissBliss said...

I love the first picture-- a room I'd love to read in with some coffee or chat with a friend; the silver bowl is adorable.

Love your blog every time I see it. :)