Noël à Paris

I know I've raved on about Paris-based, Swedish photographer Anna Malmberg already before. Anna was kind enough to give me permission to share some images from her Christmas shoot for Little Fashion Gallery, which in my opinion offers some of the most endearing, aesthetic and warm inspiration for this season. And what better way for a little Parisian acclimatisation, as that's where I'll be heading for a few days next week. I've never been to Paris this time of year and I'm just so geared up for soaking in all the twinkling ambience... 

Pariisilaistunutta, ruotsalaista valokuvaajaa Anna Malmbergia olen hehkuttanut täällä joskus ennenkin. Anna antoi ystävällisesti minulle luvan jakaa täällä otoksia taannoisista joulukuvauksistaan Little Fashion Gallery -putiikille, jotka tarjoavat mielestäni ihan suloisinta ja esteettisintä antia tälle kaudelle. Näiden siivin ajatukset liihottavat muutenkin jo Pariisiin, sillä sinne pääsen tulevalla viikolla piipahtamaan. Koskaan en ole siellä tähän vuodenaikaan käynyt ja olen kyllä valmis imemään itseeni kaiken mahdollisen tuikkivan tunnelman. 

Photos: Anna Malmberg

Anci said...

It's photos from a dream. That's the way a Chtistmas should be. With happy children !

I wish you a nice visit in Paris !!


Carolyn said...

Just returned from a day in a Paris (for my birthday) and it's gorgeous at this time of the year (and every other time of the year!). Bon Marche has some fabulous christmas decorations and the Marais just has that xmas spirit (there's a little haberdashery shop in a courtyard just off the Francs Bourgeois which is full of the most gorgeous ribbon). Big sigh.......lots and lots of lovely things!

Have a fabulous time. Cx

Tiina A said...

Oi, etta on suloisia kuvia!
Ihanaa Pariisin matkaa!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for sharing the soul of this artist photographer. I also want to mention that even though grand in the esthics of the homes look and design, it is even more soulful with the simple endering love of all things simple and loving.

I love the home that shelters there love.

looking forward to seeing more holiday that so inspires soulfully over here.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thought these were so dreamy, elegant and warm, too
- and simple decorations of candles and lights are just enough I think.
Thanks for the wishes, I have lots of places pinned in Paris
and just two days :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Happy belated Birthday Carolyn!
(It's my birthday, too, in a week or so,
so this ties in perfectly.)
Marais is a quarter I will absolutely visit,
so I really appreciate the haberdashery tip.
So glad you enjoyed, and there'll be plenty more visits in store, I'm sure.
This time my husband's going on a work trip & I'm tagging along,
and I'm looking forward to a couple of days of 'me-time' exploring the city and its magic.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Kiitokset Tibs,
Anna M. on taitava - ja monipuolinen, silti jotenkin mielestäni kuvistaan välittyy aina hänen oma kädenjälki.
Kiitos toivotuksista, tänään pakkaillaan, aamulla aikaisin lähdetään, en malta odotaa :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you for your beautifully written comment and thoughts
- I agree that it's the soul&the people that make the home
and I think that's why these images are so appealing..

simply to shares said...

De très jolies photos qui dégagent beaucoup d'émotions ! un lieu magique très bien habité par la poésie des lieux...j'aime cette atmosphère, cette tendresse .
Douce soirée et j'espère pour vous un bon moment à Paris !!!

michele said...

so lovely, rebecca! i can't wait to hear about your visit and see the magic you capture.



Therese said...

Have a nice trip to beautiful Paris:) I hope you'll post lots of pictures from Paris when you come back. It's my favourite city, I hope I can go there next year.

Nell said...

Noël est encore plus merveilleux à Paris, un bon chocolat chaud en terrasse bien emmitouflé dans une grosse écharpe : le rêve

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you&merci dearest So, michele, Therese and Nell for your warm words
- I had a lovely time in Paris, my feet are still aching from all the walking
and mind and heart buzzing with everything I saw and felt
- I'll keep the pictures coming :) x