Details from a Parisian loft

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LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

So want that bathroom sink! Minerva x

Unknown said...

One image more inspiring than the other. I am in love with the stairs shown in the first photograph (and I am in love with the fact that this charming house is in Paris, but that's another story!).


Merja said...

First picture, those stairs and the brick wall together, I want, I want!!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

The sink is so great!
I marvel the way French people
seem to be able to create
a serene & calm feeling
without things looking the least bit sterile.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

The colour of those stairs...
and the little girl's room in all its simplicity.
Beautiful elements and colours throughout, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

In my own eyes brick can sometimes be,
well, a little too much,
but with the contrast of those stairs it looks amazingly good!

michele said...