Cosy raw

A touch of a rough, industrial feel without a trace of a cold aftertaste. 

Hope you're having a cosy Sunday evening.

Photos: Lina Östling
Päivi Lemström said...

I REALLY LOVE YOUR STYLE, I think the same way like over thousand members of your blog.

17doors said...

I love it, too!!
Always the right images.
Have a great week, Rebecca!

Christian said...

cosy home

it is appreciated if you take time to visit my blog and follow me :)
christian | my blog :

evalevabo said...

Så otroligt fina bilder.

michele said...

i could totally live here. it's cool but not offputting which i love.

thanks for your kind words today--blushing.


Fågel Blå said...

Like it so mutch
Have a nice week

lisa said...

Ursnyggt samtidigt som det är mysigt och absolut inte ger någon kall känsla nej. Morgonens inspiration, definitivt. TACK!!!

johanna said...

Å vad roligt att du gillar jobben jag och Lina gjort , lina är en helt fantastisk fotograf o en så go människa...KRAM

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Warm thanks, dear Päivi!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks Christian, I'll have to pop by :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Absolut! ♥

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

These capture such a lovely mood -
I'm not into over-the-top romantic or very clinical for that matter
- these strike a lovely balance. x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks Kahtrine,
glad you like it, too!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Tack så mycket lisa!! x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Härligt att du kommenterade Johanna -
de här är så jätte fina, ni är verkligen duktiga,
- perfekt inspiration inför hösten!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks Ulrika, always nice to hear from you!
I think that kitchen has a beautiful mood,
and the living room shot with those two amazing windows & that ceiling, sigh.

Merja said...

I love these! Especially the vibe and the tones of that living room sofa.