A thing of beauty

Brooke Shaden's photographic talent is just awe-inspiring.

P.S. Yvonne Konés Copenhagen apartment shot for brand new Elle Decoration Denmark. (How I wish I could get my hands on that magazine... anyone fancy a swap? :) )

Jenny said...

Love the photo of the girl on the beach with the gulls. xo Jenny

ANNE said...

oh rebecca, your blog is a joy forever :-)

thank you for all inspiration you've already given me througout the years,


LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Thank you for sharing these, I'd not seen her work before. It is really beautiful!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

That is one incredible scene,
kind of takes your breath away, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oooh anne, thank you for your kind, kind words!
- And the reminder of Keats sends shivers down my back (in a very positive sense),
take care, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

And she's so young, 24 or 25 I think,
with so much vision and talent (and hard work I'm sure)!

michele said...

oooooh, glorious! i like swapping so let me know what sounds good from the us of a!



morocco tours said...

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Marie said...

Oh love the first photo , so poetic !

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks michele for the tempting offer - I think I'll have to write you a line :)