Soothing Sunday

Today we drove back home from a weekend away through a landscape of golden fields in good enough time for cooking, huddling on the sofa, watching a movie and getting into that slouchy mood that makes Sundays such a treat. And it's that soft tenderness that my eyes seem to be tuning into as well, so what else could fit the mood quite like shots from a recent job by my favourite stylist, weaving her magic around sumptuous Helen Christensen.  

Love, x

1,5 Helen Christensen for Boden by Twig Hutchinson, 2 homelife, 3 V.K. Rees,  4 fri, 6 the virtual typewriter

evalevabo said...

Underbara foton.
Kram Eva

tinajo said...

Beautiful pics! :-)

michele said...

mmmmmmm. i feel the tenderness.



Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Tack Eva x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I think so, too :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Smiling right back at ya!

honeypieLivingetc said...

mm.. lovely !
always had a special
something for helena
christensen; she’s stunning
with something more beyond.. :)

havn’t seen the film. should i
absolutely? :)

x, h

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Me too, Helena&Kate...
I chanced upon the film, as it was shown on tv,
it was really warm&funny, recommend it absolutely :)