lovely linen

Photos: Trine Thorsen

Anonymous said...

Amazing atmosphere!

BEACH & EAU said...

MARAVILLOSO POST!!!!!!!adoro el lino...............

Anci said...

Wow, it's wonderful !! I love it !
Where have you found all the photos ?

Do you speak swedish ?? :)


Linen and Burlap said...

Love it! Linen is my favorite. Beautiful photos.

Rofyllda rum said...

So lovely pictures! I have followed your blog for a long time now and it's one of my absolut favourit!! Thanks for all the inspiration you are charing! // Camilla

michele said...

there is just nothing like this nubbylicious fabric, and i can't seem to get enough. ooooh and must find a rustic box like the one above!

smiles and thanks for stopping, gorgeous.


Urbanstems said...

I am putting off going up to clean/sort my 9 yr olds bedroom..but this has inspired me!!! Sinead

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Well hello and thank you fellow linen fans,
in all its crumpled glory.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Hi Anci,
just a whole lot of browsing&ardent blookmarking :)

I studied Swedish at school (like everyone in Finland does) and really like the language.
I try to keep it up by reading and listening to quite a bit of Swedish, but not so big on producing it myself I'm afraid... But if you'd rather leave a message in Swedish, that's more than welcome and I'll get what you say :) said...

Wow so beautiful!


honeypieLivingetc said...

good god how beautiful !
am a complete linen-lover too.
and having slept in sara’s {t h a t
sara :)} bed with nothing but sheets,
duvets, ~ & pillowcases; all worn
linen .. i gotta get my cravings
settled. :)


Helse Qvinden said...

Amazing pictures and a lovely blog you have

xo Miss Sofie