Gently into June

I baked aVictoria sandwich cake inspired by all the British monarchy celebrations, and we've been following the live broadcasts and friends' street party piccies. London, I miss you right now. (Even my daughter's hair clip makes me think of London, a gift from Emma Cassi from our last trip).

Brittimonarkiahuuman kunniaksi leivoin Victoria Sandwich -kakun, seurailtu livelähetyksiä ja ystävien katujuhlakuvia. Kyllähän tässä Lontoo-ikävä on iskenyt. (Myös tytön hiusklipsi saa ajatukset Lontooseen, lahja Emma Cassilta viime reissulta). 

Anonymous said...

Katselin eilen kans monta tuntia mekon teon ohella.
Elämäni eka Lontoon -matka toteutuu 17.7! Sekoan varmaan ja hukkaan kaikki rahat jonnekin loafer -taivaaseen tai Margaret Howellille tai, tai, tai...

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oon niin iloinen Kati kun pääset, muistan, että aiheesta onkin juteltu :) Ja tiedän, miten äärettömän helppoa siellä onkin seoata. Mielenkiintoista nähdä, miten sinä sen kaupungin sitten koet. Mulle sieltä jää aina päälle sellainen hillitön energiapuuska.

Doina Manea said...

It was a splendid celebration. Not much broadcast here in the U.S.of America, too short. I heard that there were approx. 100 Tea Party representatives trying to disrupt the ceremony with slogans and banners. Shame. But let's not get into politics. I love London even when it rains ... dancing in the rain is my name. OK, a bit of an exaggeration (I'm not at that age anymore), but you get my idea. Your daughter is adorable with the little bow and flower in her hair. Bless her and you! And that cake? Mmmm, it looks delicious ... and the first photo is also a treat, so peaceful and gentle, as the heading of your post today so nicely says.
Now my afternoon break is over. Back to work - I am not being paid to stroll through sanctuaries!
Warm hugs,

michele said...

ahhhhh thanks for the reminder to visit emma's shop and blog!

best to you.


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Too bad they don't pay you to sit around here, they definitely should :)) Have a sweet day Doina, x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Glad to have reminded, she's a gem :)

Unknown said...

Your cake looks scrumptious!
We had some homemade cakes over the jubilee weekend too. Did a little post on them.
Been meaning to ask if you're on instagram?
Love kat x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Oh Kat, luckily I get an email notification for comments,
as for some very strange reason yours had ended up in my spam at first.
I'm not on instagram actually, it does seem popular, maybe I should check it out...
Hope you've enjoyed the Jubilee weekend, all the fun & excitement seem to have gripped the whole of England :)