The power of a single image - this has me gripped.
Right up my street as inspiration for tucking in a proper creative corner.

And I was just thinking how grateful I am for this little virtual creative corner of mine - and all the positive, warm, encouraging people that stop by and visit every day, 

L O V E having you here, x

Photo: Vintage & Morrhår
Rebecca said...

"this little virtual creative corner of mine"...what an apt description of one's blog site! This is a photo of a truly charming creative corner. I ♥ it.

Melanie said...

It's funny how we can find comfort in a place that only exsists on the screens of our electronics! It almost freaks me out a little, but it is nice.

Maria said...

and what a nice virtual creative corner you have, i just found it and i like your taste so i became your new follower.
I love taht picture,I would love to have that table to create on and i absolutely looooooove that floor.

Sarah Klassen said...

So so beautiful—I adore the stacks and layers of loved things—perfect for inspiration :) So glad you shared this space!

Wishing you a lovely day ahead...


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I love this photo somehow, could happily transport the whole thing into our home :)

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

It really is a bit of a freaky thought - I don't see myself as exactly a 'techy' type, yet here we are, sharing aesthetics over cyberspace. What's going on : )

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

So lovely to read your message Maria & welcome along! It loos like such an inviting corner to get creative. x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks so much Sarah - this has just the right amount of stacked up interesting reads & space to get creating, I think that's why I find it partly so appealing, too. Take care, x

Doina Manea said...

Thank you for sharing this photo-inspiration. Speaking of displaying books, You see, I have tons of books and not much space in the bookcases (maybe I should sort through them and discard some). Also I have lots of dust-jackets from the books processed in the library where I work. Some of these jackets are really work of art - the theme, the coloring. Now, the question is, What to do with them? Display them in some kind of collage on the wall above my desk with the laptop and the stereo? Frame one by one? Kind of expensive, I need to buy frames in various sizes. Discard them all? (see my tendency to un-clutter). I guess I should chose only a couple of the jackets and store the remaining in a box. Sorry to bother you with my insignificant dilemma.
Kind regards,