Into the calm


Creamy whites, 
reading nooks, 
votives&church candles in gigantic hurricanes, 
freshly cut flowers, 
soft Moroccan rugs,
crisp, white linen, 
curled up cat
 & rays of the sun streaming through the windows 
- what a haven...

A lovely weekend to you!

tinajo said...

Great place, love the windows! :-)

Tiina A said...

You are so right - these places look so calming! Would like to grab a book, sit down on one of the white armchairs and just enjoy the reading.

Happy weekend for you!

Fancylook said...

I love this wonderful place!!!. I love JJLocations too, is a great place to find inspiration and i will visite a lot for my blog!!!
Have a nice week end,Eva.


lisa said...

Love the first picture!

Su said...

Just one sentence: I love cream!
Trendy Pastel
ALSO IN: María Calavera

culturafemenina said...

MAke me look foward to the end of my day. Cream, relaxing and holidays. Biutuful.

Nina from Linodi said...

Just looking at these pictures made me feel very serene, I love this style, with my four kids around I need such clean places without clutter. Thank you!

Linda Tinfena said...

I want to know the person(s) who lives there, what a pure sensibility !

Anonymous said...

That is a dreamy home. Now, I wish I could de-clutter to have such a calm and peaceful look.

michele said...

no cursing today...i promise!

this place has atlanta bartlett's name all over it, yes????

smiles to you.


baju muslim modern said...

Your photos are just amazing! I am so in love with them!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I love reading your kind, thoughtful messages, so thank you each and everyone ♥. michele - not sure whether the house has something to do with Mrs Bartlett, but perhaps there really is an air of hers in these... x