Confessions of a closet royalist

Not only have I been admiring the home of photographer Les Kaner in the latest issue of Norwegian Elle Decoration, but also her captures of the Danish royal family - my secret (or not such a secret) crush. Relaxed, tender, happy (they just make my heart melt)!



Photos: 1 Elle Decoration Norway, 2 me, 3 Les Kaner

This pics of the Royal Family are stunning!
So beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.


Tuire said...

Tanskan hovissa on sitä jotain!

Onnea teidän kuusivuotiaalle neidille! Meidän nuori herra tulee pian perässä. :)

Maria - Mary made this said...

I agree with you, they're so cool... Really relaxed and original pictures!

michele said...

ahhhhh...i want to learn more about these norwegian royals. my husband has norwegian roots so our children are mainly scandinavian!


Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thanks for your comment, pleasure to share :) Have a relaxing weekend!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Sitä jotain tosiaan, Mary varsinkin niin elegantti ja Margareta vaikuttaa ihan mahtavalta tyypiltä! Onnea teidänkin pikkuherralle, mihin nämä vuodet on vierineet?

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

I love that these images are a far cry from pompous rigidness that's so often connected to photos of monarchy!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Interesting to hear about your children's Scandinavian roots, ours are genetically 3/4 British, as my husband is a Brit and I'm Finnish-English. These were actually pictures of the Danish royal family, but the Norwegian royals seem like a pretty interesting bunch, too :)

17doors said...

Love the last one!
And thank you so much for your sweet comment the other day!!
Kram Ulrika

Ampiniini said...

Ihastuttavia kuvia. Upea tunnelma.