Some Cox&Cox favourites - (I just love those grey doors with exactly the right amount of patina).

Enjoy the weekend!
Tiina A said...

Absolutely gorgeous pics!
They give such a happy feeling.

Have a fabulous weekend!


Hello Rebecca.
I've found your blog two days ago and I have to say you you share with us such gorgeous, authentic and real pictures.
I love your blog and your taste for good things.

Thank you,

Francesca from Italy

cibele barreto said...

love your blog!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

They're so lovely and relaxing aren't they!

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you so much Fancesca from wonderful Italy, your message made me glad x

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Thank you! <3

Unknown said...

hello rebecca
your blog is lovely, only just started having a good look....

i love cox&cox too, mentally spending a fortune when the new catalogue comes through the door

have a lovely weekend

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Glad you found your way here, luckily 'mentally spending' isn't too dangerous :)