A tender trio

Spending the day trying to wrap work things up before the weekend, then checking out a new café in town with a friend. The rays of the sun are streaming - that lovely Friday feeling!


Photos: 1 The Society Inc, 2 Flickr, 3 91 Magazine
Niina said...

Oi mikä ihana divaani !

Svenja said...

second picture is so nice. beautiful decoration, very special!


AnnaVallance said...

Love your blog. It is so nice first thing in the morning to look at all the beautiful photos.

Rebecca / Sanctuary said...

Niina, Ihan mahtava divaani joo!

Svenja, There's something about that second one that I love, too. Beautiful natural tones.

AnnaValance, So lovely to hear, thank you :) Starting the mornings with a steamy cup of coffee and favourite blogs always gets the day off in a good way!